About Us

Spine Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd is a privately held Telecom, Solar Energy & Civil Infrastructure company established in 2004, Spine Engineering is ranked as one of the well-known firms in Pakistan. It paradigms a diverse range of projects, specializes in Civil Infrastructure Works, Solar Systems EPC & Telecom Services related to Mobile Telecommunication including GSM, WLL, CDMA, 3G, LTE and WiMAX. As a Total Turnkey solution provider, we manage and execute all the project activities.
Spine Engineering (Pvt). Ltd has received more than 15,000 Purchase Orders from our different clients i.e., Huawei Technologies, ZTE, Nokia, PTCL and others. We have completed about 20,000 sites nationwide. The turnover since 2012 is more than USD 10 million.

Our Mission

To provide value enhance, high quality & in time solutions & services to our customers adhering to modern engineering practices and current, ‘cutting edge’ technology in the most productive and efficient manner.

Our Vision

Our vision remains focused on delivering quality projects in a safe, productive and efficient manner through dedication and hard work keeping in view the well-being of people and environment.

Core Values

Spine Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. promotes robust competition and innovation in the market by strict enforcement of high quality. Spine Engineering’s main focus is the customer and its requirements.

Corporate Values

Highest levels of Integrity, Honesty, and Ethical Standards

Customer Importance, Best service, Attitude and Consideration

Empowerment of employees to achieve Excellence

Active participation to the continual quality-of-life advancements

Good stewards in managing our resources

Our Presence in

Pakistan Nationwide

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