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Solar power is going to be absolutely essential to meetup growing energy demands while staving off climate change


Residential Solar Solutions

Reliable, dependable and economical self generated clean energy for home


Commercial Solar Solutions

Cost effective renewable energy for commercial enterprises


Industrial Solar Solutions

Large scale solar power plants for Industries to reduce operational costs and carbon foot print


Agricultural Solar Solutions

Sustainable agriculture with grid free, low maintenance solar water pumping systems

Quality Solar Solution

Our engineers welcome your design challenges and meet them with the industry’s best quality technologies and product warranties while providing the highest return on investment.

Cost Effective

We are advocates of policies that enhance the reliability, affordability and sustainability of energy for the masses of Pakistan.

Optimal Design

Ensuring everything from optimal designing to installation of highest quality solar energy systems, on time along with higher customer satisfaction at a low cost is our primary goal.

Quality Workmanship

We ensure that the process of installation is painless and hassle-free for our clients, and our entire team is laser-focused on the goal to answer customer queries in timely manner.

Why Choose Spine Solar?

A Highly Reputed Solar Company in Pakistan

Spine Solar power system is the future of Renewable energy in Pakistan. Almost a decade since its establishment, Spine solar power system aims to provide you with sustainable energy resource that is a long-term solution to the electricity problem of Pakistan. Our aim is to ensure everything from optimal designing to installation of highest quality solar energy systems, on time along with higher customer satisfaction at a low cost. We envision becoming the most trusted renewable energy company through continuous innovation and excellent management.


Our Research

Why should you opt for Solar power?

Solar power is a renewable energy resource.

One of the most prevalent issues in Pakistan as well as the entire world is pollution. The use of solar energy combats this problem; solar energy systems don’t produce air pollutants or greenhouse gases. The benefit of solar power is that it has very few running costs: once the capital investment has been made the energy is effectively free, while community power must be purchased continuously and all indications are that prices will continue to rise.

Your one and only solution to electricity crisis in Pakistan

Load shedding is one of the most commonly experienced problems in Pakistan. Using a solar operated energy system saves you from the everyday disturbance and agitation of power shortages. The use of solar energy offers huge potential for natural resource and climate protection, and for the expansion of renewable energies on the road to a future-oriented energy supply.

Saves you from the big electricity bills

Current electricity expenses are sky rocketing, investing in solar power will free you of the worry of paying these huge electricity bills. Whether you’re a domestic user of solar energy or a commercial user, using solar power will bring a drastic drop in your electricity expenses

Solar System Increases your Property Worth

Research indicates that the more solar panels there are on the roof, the higher the value of the home. Having solar panels installed on a home can make it sell more quickly. Compared to other homes without solar power, your home could sell up to 20% faster. Since the price of electricity is expected to rise in the future, the advantages of having home solar power will become even more evident.

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