As per need of telecom market Spine Engineering has been facilitating its customer’s with pre-installation surveys in the form of:
  • LOS (Line of Sight) Surveys
  • TSSR (Technical Site Survey Report)

LOS (Line of Sight) Survey

According to the requirement of customers we have conducted Thousands of LOS (Line of Sight Surveys) Surveys are conducted either by Balloons or mirror depending upon requirement between proposed co-ordinates. After conducting LOS surveys comprehensive reports are submitted inclusive of all information.

TSSR (Technical Site Survey Report)

As per requirement from customer we are highly qualified in conducting pre-installation technical site surveys which includes complete room inspection, tower inspection, tower loadings, space availability, power availability, equipment specified by customer compatibility with installation equipment and many more.

BSS/BSC Surveys

As the technology is evolving day by day and operators are very much concerned about OPEX to be competitive in the market in view of that BSS swap is a continual process. Spine Engineering has expertise to handle BSS swap surveys and done lot of surveys in this regard as motioned in projects completion sheet. At the same we also have expertise to conduct BSC surveys at different locations to install new BSCs as per customer demand.